Events in Inuvik area for March 2015 = this Spring:
– 06 March
Celebrating the 1935 ‘hand-over’ of the reindeer herd from Alaska, delivered by Andy Bahr, to the Cdn government’s ‘Canadian Reindeer Project’

– 23-30 March
World Reindeer Herders Assoiciation herders join with Canadian Reindeer in celebrating the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the reindeer herd

– 27 – 30 March
Events where Canadian Reindeer are in Inuvik to be a part of the ‘Muskrat Jamboree’ celebration of Spring AND also events at Reindeer Station 50 km north of Inuvik. This with the help of Arctic reindeer herding youth from around the Arctic.

– Crossing the Ice – reindeer on migration to summer grazing on Richards Island : March 29 2015 / Time :10-30 -11:15 AM. At km 105 on Inuvik > Tuk ice road.

Road will be closed from 10:30 – 11:30 AM between Bar C and Lucas Point.

Reindeer Activities March 2015

– various events in Inuvik where Arctic Reindeer Herders join in the celebrations = reindeer meat cook-off challenge / lasso contest and more.